Bourbon Liberty Crewmen Abducted Off Nigeria

BOURBON announced today that 7 crew members, 6 Russians and 1 Estonian were kidnapped during the boarding of the Bourbon Liberty 249, which occurred on October 15, 2012 in Nigeria. The other 9 crew members are still onboard the vessel, safe and in good health, heading for the Port of Onne.

BOURBON has set up an emergency unit aiming at rapid liberation of the kidnapped crew under the safest security conditions. Crewmembers’ families have been contacted and are kept  informed of the situation.

Update: Nov. 01 2012

BOURBON confirmed today that the 7 crew members, 6 Russians and 1 Estonian, abducted during the boarding of the Bourbon Liberty 249 off the coast of Nigeria, on October 15, 2012, were released today. Despite difficult conditions while in captivity, they all appear to be in good health. They are currently being looked after by the members of the BOURBON Emergency Unit in Nigeria where they are undergoing careful medical and psychological check-ups. The 7 employees will be returning to their own countries within the next few days to be reunited with their families and friends.


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