Cargo Ship Grounding in Saint Lawrence Seaway

About 8:10 a.m. last Sunday the cargoship Sedna Desgagnes sheered hard to port and ran aground out of the channel just 0.1 nautical mile above the gap under the Johnstown Bridge in the St. Lawrence Seaway near Prescott. The ship was loaded with a cargo of unprocessed steel. No pollution has been reported.

The cargoship is up at the bow a few feet and listing slightly to starboard. At 12:37 the pilot boat from Cape Vincent arrived at the site of the grounding. At first the channel was closed, but the Tim S. Dool, the first downbound ship, was allowed to proceed but at a reduced speed of 5 knots. Multiple tugs may be needed due to the close proximity of the bridge pylon and the very strong current that will take the Desgagnes towards it as soon as she is released from her strand.

Three investigators from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada have been dispatched to the scene to determine the exact cause of the incident.

Source:, Toronto Sun


  1. jack y. mccarthy says:

    A grounding is a sad event for a ship owner and a nightmare for a Master.The Sedna is a very recently built vessel. I hope the the damages to the hull will not be too extensive.
    Captain J.Y. McCarthy, Quebec City

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