Operation of Oxy-Acetyllene Equipment

In consequence of a recent casualty, and by reference to recent survey inspections, the American Club issued a note that oxygen and acetylene equipment is in some cases being used without the fitment of flashback arrestors. This is an extremely dangerous practice. Flashback arrestors must always be fitted to the bottles. Bottles themselves must always be stowed securely in an upright position with oxygen and acetylene bottles stowed separately and away from each other, not in enclosed spaces.

In addition to the above the following equipment and operating procedures should be used whenever crew is operating Oxy-Acetyllene Equipment:

  • Approved welding goggles must be worn at all times in all Oxy welding areas.
  • Appropriate footwear with substantial uppers must be worn.
  • Close fitting and protective clothing to cover arms and legs must be worn.
  • Protective leather gloves must be worn when using this equipment.
  • Protective leather apron & spats must be worn when using this equipment.
  • Rings & jewellery should NOT be worn when using this gas welder.

Pre-Operational Safety Checks

  1. Ensure this Oxy welder has a suitable safe work area
  2. Keep the area clean & free of grease, oils & flammables
  3. Hoses & regulators to be inspected & in good condition
  4. Ensure the area is well ventilated (with fume extraction)

Use of Oxy-Acetyllene equipment can be extremely hazardous and extra care should be given by the operator of such equipment. Potential Hazards and risks from the use of Oxy-Acetyllene equipment include Burns, Infrared radiation to skin & eyes, Flying sparks, Toxic fumes, Explosive & volatile welding gases, Blowpipe flashback etc.

Source: The American Club

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