INTERCARGO Benchmarking Bulk Carriers Report 2011-12

A few days ago the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (INTERCARGO) launched the latest edition of their annual publication, Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2011-12.

The sixth edition contains a wealth of statistical information relating to the world bulk carrier fleet, including Port State Control deficiencies and detentions, plus an informative narrative and analysis of Negative Performance Indicators such as collisions, groundings and casualties during 2011.

Key findings in this year’s report are:

  • INTERCARGO entered ships continue to outperform industry averages.
  • The average age of the global bulk carrier fleet dropped to 10.4 years.
  • ‘Cargo’ related casualties continue to cause great concern to our industry – one incident alone in 2011 claimed 22 seafarers’ lives.
  • Port State Control: The overall total number of bulk carriers detained continues to fall.
  • Ports analysed still show significant variations in PSC deficiency patterns.

For more information please refer to INTERCARGO

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