Turbo Charger Overhauling

A turbocharger is a very sensitive equipment onboard a ship and it should be carefully handled. A turbocharger has a turbine on one side and a compressor on other side. Dismantling should start from the compressor side measuring the critical clearance which must be kept between the compressor side end cover mounting face and the compressor side end shaft.

Left side: Air inlet blades – Right side: exhaust outlet blades

The typical steps for a Turbo Charger Overhauling procedure are the following:

  1.  The components of the T/C to be dismantled according to the manufacturers instructions booklet.
  2.  It is essential to take measurements and record them prior to the rotor dismantling for axial clearances and radial clearances,
  3. Disassembling of all the individual parts such us turbine and compressor wheels, nozzle ring etc.
  4. Meticulous cleaning of all the individual parts.
  5. Inspection measurements and the condition of them to be reported.
  6. Following foregoing instructions rotor alignment check is to be carried out, before the dynamic balancing.
  7. The setting data dimensions of the constructors are utilized for the balancing operation and all readings before and after corrections are recorded.
  8. The assembling of the turbocharger is carried out using new spares.
  9. Following the assembly, according to makers instructions, all readings are taken and recorded.
  10. Finally, a Turbocharger performance test is carried out, during sea trials.

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